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Christian Democrats in Helsinki

The Finnish Christian Democrats (KD) is a political party that has about 12 000 members. As a member of a party one belongs to a local section, and that section is part of a precinct. In Helsinki there is an English speaking section. Borders of a precinct are usually also borders of election precinct.

KD:s precinct organisation in Helsinki is called KD Helsinki. It is the second largest precinct after Uusimaa. KD has two city councillors in Helsinki city council.

If you want to find out more of the party and its values, you can visit the homepage of the party at

Contact address:


Andrei Nahkala, puheenjohtaja

[email protected]

puh 040 593 2127


Party office:

Karjalankatu 2A, 7th fl..

00520 Helsinki, FINLAND